The theoretical and methodological foundations that underpin the process that is carried out in the development of audits, in particular the management audit of the internal control proces

The purpose of this work of Spanish origin is to analyze the application of international public sector auditing standards specifically referring to the audit report of financial statements prepared in accordance with a financial reporting framewo

The work entitled "Electronic Electronic Book for the Discipline of Auditing" aims to prepare a Electronic Electronic Book that contributes to the development of knowledge and skills in th

The present diploma work is entitled "Financial Audit in the LABIOFAM Cienfuegos Company", its general objective is to apply the financial audit program to evaluate the reasonableness of t

Work developed in the I International Scientific Event "For a sustainable social and cultural development in the 21st century" and that performs an analysis of current performance and future projection .

Work developed in the III International Workshop of Audit, Supervision and Control. It exposes which are the main tools that the auditor must possess as the protagonist of economic sciences in the judicial framework.