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In accordance with Law No. 107 “On the Comptroller General of the Republic”, its Regulations and Resolution No. 261/13 of the Comptroller General, the annual plan of audit, supervision and control actions is prepared based on the Directives and Control Objectives approved by the State Council annually, which contains the priorities established for the Economy and Budget Plan.

The proposed Plan consults the President of the Council of State with the corresponding foundation and, based on the result of the consultation, approves before the end of the calendar year, the plan of all the organizational units that make up the National Audit System and that of the Comptroller General.

Likewise, the Comptroller General of the Republic approves those control actions not provided for in the plan that arise during the year and that, due to their characteristics, should be executed.


Desde CP Holguín. Listos y preparados
In the Provincial Comptroller of Holguín, the preparation course is developed to continue working with the AUDAT system, which will make it possible to apply them in future control actions and will contribute to speed up the execution time of these, constituting a work tool that pays tribute to the computerization of society.
On the occasion of the signing of the collaboration agreement between the CGR and the University of Havana, and close to commemorating the 67th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks, was delivered, by the National Union of Workers of the Public Administration, the recognition of “National Distinguished Collective” to the Comptroller General of the Republic
Firma del Convenio
The activity of signing the collaboration agreement was carried out in the 250th Anniversary Hall of the Havana University, chaired by Dr. Miriam Nicado García, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, member of the Council of State and Rector of the University of Havana; Gladys María Bejerano Portela, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba


You will be able to find different articles referring to the productive chain, document management and business intelligence, management audit, interviews and as an additional plus: the audit guides to housing subsidies.


Guide prepared with the objective of evaluating the effectiveness of the internal control system implemented in the municipality to

Its objective is to approach the production chain through concrete examples that allow its appreciation in the Cuban economy.

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