The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) is an autonomous, independent, professional and apolitical organization established to provide mutual support; encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences; act as a recognized voice of SAIs in the international community; provide high quality control standards for the public sector; promote good governance; and foster capacity development and continuous improvement of the performance of SAIs.

His vision: Promote good governance by allowing SAIs to help their respective governments improve performance, enhance transparency, ensure accountability, maintain credibility, fight corruption, promote public confidence and raise reception. and efficient and effective use of public resources for the benefit of its citizens.

INTOSAI aims to: foster mutual support; strengthen the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences; act as a spokesperson, recognized globally by SAIs within the international community; develops standards for public sector auditing; promote good governance and promote capacity development, cooperation and continuous improvement of the performance of SAIs.

The headquarters of INTOSAI and the General Secretariat is Vienna, Austria, official seat of the Court of Auditors of the Republic of Austria.

                                                                         Alexei Kudrin                                  

                                                                                      Alexei Kudrin                                 
                                                                     Chairman of the Steering Committee

                                                                        Margit Kraker

                                                                                   Margit Kraker
                                                                                 General Secretary

The following Organs and Related Entities support and carry out INTOSAI issues:

The Congress, The Steering Committee, The General Secretariat, INTOSAI Goal Committees, Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues (SCEI)

INTOSAI bodies that are separate legal entities: The International Journal of Government Audit (RIAG); The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

Regional Organizations

Regional Organizations have the task of supporting INTOSAI goals at the regional level and offer members a forum for specific and professional cooperation and regional level.

The INTOSAI Steering Committee has recognized the following seven Regional Organizations:
AFROSAI - Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions of Africa
ARABOSAI - Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
ASOSAI - Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions of Asia
CAROSAI - Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions of the Caribbean
EUROSAI - Organization of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Europe
OLACEFS - Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
PASAI - Association of Supreme Audit Institutions of the Pacific

About the XXIII INTOSAI Congress, the last one held in Moscow, Russia, from September 23 to 29, 2019, the newly elected President of the Organization, Alexander Kudrin, President of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation said, among other aspects:

The prospects for public oversight were discussed in the context of the challenges in a changing world, agreeing to support the capacity-building initiatives of SAIs, the professionalism of auditors, as well as the diversification of cooperation mechanisms within INTOSAI.

During these last years INTOSAI has been implementing a wide range of ideas and experiences that have been reflected in the Moscow declaration, which received unprecedented support among INTOSAI members.

During the XXIII Congress, INTOSAI members reached an agreement on how the future of public oversight should be, taking into account the fundamental principles of independence, accountability, transparency and resource management of SAIs, as well as which development vectors of SAIs will have an advantage in the coming years.

The INTOSAI Presidency undertook to continue concentrating its knowledge and accumulating the efforts of the INTOSAI professional community to ensure independent external supervision, both for the good of the nationally agreed objectives and for SAIs. It will continue to influence the effective use of modern technologies and strengthen the influence of SAIs on accountability and the transparency of public oversight.

The Congress adopted the "MOSCOW STATEMENT":