Fidel.La Historia me Absolverá.
It is often said that there are texts, books or speeches that are history makers. The metaphor is expressive but, at the same time, misleading. The first, because it does justice to the extraordinary importance that a writing can exceptionally acquire in the unleashing of great historical processes. But also misleading because in its initial formulation it hides a decisive fact: it is men and women who really make history.
Abel Santamaría Cuadrado, was described by Fidel Castro Ruz as "the soul of the Movement" during the trial of the assailants of the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, would turn 93 this October 20, although 67 years ago he passed into immortality assassinated by henchmen of the Batista dictatorship.
Los días 15 y 16 de octubre, se celebró en la sede de central de la CGR en el Salón del Consejo de Dirección la reunión con los jefes de las unidades organizativas del Sistema Nacional de Auditoría, adoptándose con el debido cumplimiento de las medidas aprobadas para evitar el contagio de la Covid-19.
On October 15 and 16, a meeting with the heads of the organizational units of the National Audit System (SNA) was held at the CGR headquarters in the Board of Directors Room, adopting with due compliance with the measures approved for avoid the contagion of Covid-19.
Among the topics analyzed are the Directives and Control Objectives for the preparation of the Annual Plan of Control Actions for the year 2021
Día de la Cultura cubana
The new generations identify October 20 as the Day of Cuban National Culture, but it was not always like that.
The Minister of Culture, Dr. Armando Hart Dávalos, took the initiative to create this date, which, after in-depth studies and consultations with numerous historians and prominent intellectuals, was approved by the Council of Ministers on August 22, 1980 in Decree number 74.
On a day like today, the First National Student Congress organized by Julio Antonio Mella began its work in the Aula Magna, with the attendance of 128 delegates representing the University, secondary schools, private schools and student press.
Operación Mangosta 3
Every October, we Cubans dedicate a special memory to the crucial moments lived in that month of 1962, when our people were threatened by a nuclear holocaust and preserved their lives because they were willing to offer it up in the name of their principles of freedom and sovereignty. The US naval blockade, the threats of extermination, the attempts to destroy the Revolution using the wildest methods come to our memory.
La nacionalización de la banca en Cuba
On October 13, 1960, the Cuban Revolutionary Government adopted one of the most important decisions for its economic independence: the nationalization of the banks. Thus, the possibility of the United States government to maneuver in its favor with private and foreign banks in our country, in order to hinder the development of the Revolution, was frustrated.
Código de Ética
From the Che Guevara Study Center, on the morning of October 8, 53 years after Che's assassination in Bolivia, the Auditors Code of Ethics was launched, in its updated version and the one that together with the Cuban Auditing Standards and its Procedures Manual that will enter into force as of January 1, 2021.
Promoción nuevo Código de Ética
Published in the Extraordinary Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba Resolution 162 of 2020 of the Comptroller General of the Republic with the Code of Ethics for auditors of the National Audit System