Centro de Capacitación de Oriente
(23)421973 , (23)411657 Extensiones 118 a 122.
Calle Zenea No. 212 entre José Antonio Saco y Cacique Guamá , Reparto El Cristo, Bayamo, Granma.

The Training Center was created by Resolution No.270 / 08, updated by Resolution No.200 / 13 of the Comptroller General's Office, is Regional in nature, serving the provinces of Las Tunas, Holguín, Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guántanamo.

The Center has category A, a condition that was granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, which supports it to teach post-graduate degrees, diplomas and master's degrees.

For teaching, there is a staff of assistant professors who are hired according to the course plan and the approved budget for each year.

Center Director: Yaniet Cecap