Gladys M. Bejerano Portela

Contralora General de la República de Cuba
Comptroller General of the Republic
+53 78362701 / 78362721 / 78362702


He accumulates management experience, moving from territorial levels to national responsibilities, with a long career in political positions. Deputy in the IV Legislature of the National Assembly of Popular Power in 1993, she went on to advise and organize functions in the Government.

As an Advisor to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, she participated in the process of organizing the structures and functioning of the Councils of the Administration of the Provincial Assemblies of the Popular Power and their relations with the Central Government Administration Organisms; In 1994 he chaired the National Reorganization Commission of the Ministries and Institutions attached to the Council of Ministers; jointly developing since 1995, the Executive Secretary of the Central Commission of State and Government Tables.

In 2001, when the new Ministry of Audit and Control was created, she was appointed Deputy Minister to attend the area of ​​Supervision and in May 2006 she was appointed as Minister of this Agency.

On August 1, 2009, when Law 107/2009, the Comptroller General of the Republic, was approved by Parliament, was elected by the National Assembly, Comptroller General of the Republic and in December of the same year, elected by the National Assembly itself , as Vice President of the State Council.

Elected member of the Central Committee of the Party in the VI Congress of the PCC. He currently holds the presidency of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Central America and the Caribbean (OCCEFS)

She has a degree in Social Sciences, has participated in postgraduate courses and graduates in Administration, Defense, Strategic Planning, Audit and others related to economic activity, management and social communication. He has received several medals and decorations for his career in different fields. Born in the province of Pinar del Rio.